A/N:  This is something I wrote as I thought of one of my newest friends.  ^.^  I think it turned out better than I thought.  Not to pat myself on the back, of course. ^^;;  Leave a review; but as always, be kind. 3

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A girl of the twilight

Rising up from the ash

Emerging from dark waters

Trying to soar from a dark past

Tears of crystal fall down her sweet face

Crimson tides flow

But by morning

Not a trace

Given the idea that she is nothing of worth

But in true, someone great

Not a burdening curse

Someday freed from this fate

She will descend to the summit

A release from the pain

From which brought her plummet

A phoenix at heart

Being revived from the 'dead'

Those who wish for her to fall

Watch her stand up instead

A friend to the heart

Though not long knowing me

A beacon of hope

I pass onto thee

A trove of great treasures

To carry with you

The waters to calm her

A soft rhapsody of blue

And when the night comes

And it's time yet again to sleep

Soft winds dance around you

A promise you keep

You fold up your silvery wings

As the rays of sun die

To lay down and rest

But to not say goodbye

Each day makes you stronger

Though my light dims to the core

Reach out if you need me

I'm here for you, evermore

~*~For Jenna~*~