By:Andrew Troy Keller

There are some promises you could keep.
And then,there are some you should never keep.
For instance,
Maxwell Pensance,
A prep-school who doesn't want to be a creep.

Such a nice guy was Max.
He dosen't even cheat on his income tax.
He was such a honey,
And so careful with his money.
Everyone's a friend to Max.

Then,came a new student,
Named Bonnie Prudent,
Who had asked Max
To sample a certain type of tic-tacs.
She also had asked Max
To promise that new student
Not to tell that they had came from Bonnie Prudent.

And even though it was a promise you should not keep,
Max had still never wanted to be a creep.
So,he had promised Bonnie not the tell,
Even if it meant for a book of tell-all.
Still,it was a deadly promise to keep.

Then suddenly,
Max and Bonnie
Had poped open a pack
Of those special tic-tacs,
And began poping down plenty.

And then,as Max was beginning to act like a thug,
It was finally discovered that the tic-tacs were really drugs.
And even though he was acting like a creep,
There was that promise he still had to keep.
That's what happens when one was on drugs.

You use them,
And abuse them.
Until when you've reached that point
Known as the breaking point,
You die because of them.

That was what had happened,for instance,
To a certain Maxwell Pensance,
Who had acted like a creep,
Due to a promise he had no choice,but to keep.
That was known as Max's last dance.