Give me time, it's all so new;
I've never felt this way before,
And while my head is telling me to stop,
My heart cries out for more.
Conflicting thoughts of heart and mind
Rage a war inside myself.
I can't guess the outcome
As they fight amongst themselves.
Encouraging me, disheartening me,
The seemingly endless fight,
Between logic and emotions;
Which of the two is right?
Joy and pain, of equal parts,
Could come of such a deal.
Can I bear pain for sake of joy?
Can I release this fear I feel?
Am I willing to take such a risk,
Playing with two hearts combined,
Or will I walk away from threatened pain,
Forsaking happiness we may find?
Answers, please, I beg to get
The key to send my thoughts away.
I'm not sure how much more I can take,
Nor how much longer they plan to stay.
Compromise science, logic, truth;
Forge an answer to my plea.
Show me; I beg, what's right, what's wrong,
Something on which heart and mind can agree.