Do you remember that rock? The one by the ocean,
Where you could see miles and miles of nothing, and the horizon?
I never told you about the story, did I? No, I didn't.
Well, I'll tell you now.

Sometimes, at midnight, you can hear someone singing.
It comes from the rock; those who've heard it say it's the voice of an
Might be, I have no idea.
Some of the older ones - you know, like Granny Apples and Crabby Cam?
They say that, when they were younger - a little older than us, actually -
There was a girl around here who was in love with the son of the Count.
Her name was Anna Black; his, Aiden Whyte.

They met at the fair; Anna had been traveling with her family, as a singer.
They loved each other like there was no tomorrow; Crabby and Granny both
remember it well.
Then the war broke out, and Aiden had to go fight.
She promised him that she would wait; and she did.
Everyday she would go to the rock and wait for him, because that was where
they loved to spend time together.
While waiting she would sing a song that was called Lover's Lament. Rather
fitting, I think.
In the end, he didn't come back. They never found out what happened to him;
Some say he was shot in the trenches. Others think he was taken by the
Germans and killed.
They all told her that he was gone, that he wouldn't be coming back.
She refused to listen, and she sat at that rock every day, singing the same
Then, one morning, they found her.
She was lying on the rock, her body cold, a smile on her face.
They buried her next to the empty grave that they had given him,
And I think you can still see them, side by side.
Maybe we'll hear the Lover's Lament tonight.