Tell Us

You tell us that there is no God
That we came from other animals
Like monkeys
Or fish.
You say we're just cells
That our lives have no meaning
And a fetus is not a person
Until it is born.
There is no million years.
We are not like mountains, eroding and growing
Or riverbeds being carved out by water.
There is no evolution.
We are the latest model of a car or a computer
The human machine, version unknown.
I am a human.
I am made of the ashes.
So don't lie to us.
Don't break your own rules.
Tell us.
Tell us that we are children of God.
Tell us that we are made in His image.
Tell us that we are human the moment the sperm hits the egg.
Tell us that we're created.
But you can't, can you?
Why not?
That would be politically uncorrect.
That would be hate.
And the worst reason of all?
That would be the truth.