In this world of instant pleasure
Ignorance to all but leisure
One looses sight of simplicity
Caught in intoxicating felicity
People needing a change of tires
Giving into their desires
Drugged up on petrol grease and oil
The apples sour rot and spoil
Towards the sky the buildings climb
Looking for life at its prime
It's not to heaven that you reach
But away form all life has to teach
The flowers wilt and petals fall
For the metal opium to which you thrall
The things defined as nature's treasure
Are greater than you care to measure
To feel the sun upon thy skin
Or sample that of simple sin
No fire can replace that touch
Or weaken the beliefs you clutch
No Water running through a lake
No thunder crackle and rain storm break
No feel of grass below your feet
Will change the view of your paradise street
In a tin box you will live
Instant pleasure you shall give
Authentic blood you will not spill
Just oil, grease, and a photo still