Title: Pretty Shade of Grey

Author: Alyn Drasil

Rating: PG-13

Genre: romance/humor/coming-of-age, m/m content

Warnings: language

A note for new readers: This story was written over a period of eight years, with a several year hiatus in the middle. So naturally the quality fluctuates pretty wildly, there are lots of continuity errors, and overall it's an extremely rough draft. I'm planning on cleaning it up, editing it heavily, and trying to publish it in some way, and because of that I'm not going to make any updates/changes to the form the story is in here on fictionpress. So if you read this version, please keep in mind this is not a finalized draft nor has it really been edited!

The first five chapters of this story have been TEMPORARILY removed. I am doing a quick editing job on them because they don't fit at all with the rest of the story; the characters are not who I want them to be and I'm just not pleased with the overall quality of something I wrote ten years ago. I don't plan on these being down for very long, and it won't be very intense editing as I'm still planning on publishing this story in some way. So whatever goes up here will not be the final draft of the story, but I really don't want these early chapters to be read anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience!