Good morning.
~I woke-up. What luck.~
Yes, it looks like it'll be a nice day.
~Who gives a fuck?~
Have a good day at work.
~I hope you die.~
Yes, I'll check with my teacher.
~Doesn't matter. You think all I do is lie.~
It's so good to see you again.
~Fuck, you're still alive.~
No, I'll go get it.
~Hopefully I'll fall down the stairs and not survive.~
That's very interesting.
~Go away.~
Of course I understand.
~What do you expect me to say?~
Practice is going to be murder.
~If only that were true.~
No, I'm not upset.
~This mess is all because of you.~
I'll see you tomorrow.
~Hopefully not.~
Have fun tonight.
~Die and rot.~
Thank you for the drink.
~Do you have any poison I can slip in the cup?~
Good night.
~I hope I don't wake-up. I hope I don't wake-up.~