Guardian Angel
By Night Dragon

An angel who watches over you
may it be someone you know
or someone else

Watching over you
protecting you from
Demons and Nightmares

That is their job
But not all angels are angels
Some can just be one
of your friends,
relatives, or someone else

Either way they will
always be there no matter what
Protecting you and making
Your dreams become reality

But when times become a crisis
they will take on a human form
May it be someone who cares for you
or a fireman, police officer
Anyone who helps you

That is their main goal
But people just think with logic
Saying that it was Adrenaline
But actually, an angel has taken a body
to help you

But sometimes not all things go
so perfectly
Sometimes they do fail
When they see our deaths
They seem to hide themselves and cry

Usually they go to the burial and
stand there with your family and friends
As a gentle wind blows
you can faintly hear them say
"I'm sorry..." in the wind.

Being a Guardian Angel is just as tough
as any other job
But they will keep their watch over you
And protect all of us 'till the end.