Author's Note: The following is an explanation of how this story will be written.

I thought it would be an interesting experiment to write a story based entirely on random chance. I would make a master sheet listing every aspect of setting I can think of, such as when it takes place, where it takes place, what sort of story it would be, etc., and all the different choices that would fall under each aspect. For example, under time, I could make a story take place in the future, modern times, recent history, medieval times, and ancient times. Then, using a coin flip, dice, a table of random numbers, or whatever, I would determine which elements would be part of this story.

The same will be done for characters. I will list physical characteristics (such as shape of face, skin color, hair color, species if I use more than just humans) and randomly select these characteristics. For more personal aspects, such as greed, spirituality, and things like that, I will rate each one on a scale of 1-10, or 1-6 if I use a die.

As the author, there are some things I will decide on for myself, however. If someone scores very high on the morals and ethics choices, I won't make that person a thief or any other profession that is generally considered immoral. Or, if two people are in a fight, and one of them is less strong physically than the other and hasn't had any education in fighting, I'll make the other person win without a coin flip, or whatever I'm using that day.

Whenever I'm unsure of what will happen next- or when there are several possibilities for what will happen next or how a character will act, I will choose what happens randomly. In this story, I hope, first and foremost, to have fun with this style of writing. I also hope it will help me become a better writer because 1) Life isn't plotted out before hand, and my stories will be more realistic if I make them a little more random, and 2) I'll have to know the character much better to be able to determine how they would act. Hopefully, this story will help me develop my character development skills a little better.

Tomorrow, I will begin the actual writing. Because I haven't started yet, I can't tell you what it will be about or who the main characters are yet. What I do know already is that it will be fantasy or sci-fi. I did this because I usually write fantasy and science fiction stories, so I thought that would make things a little easier, and also because it would be practically impossible to write some other genres like mystery or historical fiction. Even romance would be difficult if none of my characters ended up liking any of the others romantically.

Thank you for taking the time to read this author's note. I hope this experiment interests you all as much as it interests me, and here's hoping that my story turns out well.