Why hate me
When you can liberate me?
We're always happy and open-minded
Where the prophets are somewhat different
And our opinions are now illicit
But you know - it's not like we mind
Emancipate us and take all of the oil you can find
And let the new Saddam come to power
We thank you for your stay
For the dead babies in our arms
It was peaceful (we're indulgent)
It's not like we were harmed
Of the reign of reigns
Your help was precisely excessive
Dictated us with your freedom
We contradicted you and were arrested
Just leave us with your corporations
And let the new Saddam control us
Your intentions, were to stop a threat
Directed at you from this Hell
It seems you just took over our country
And polluted it with bullet shells
I remember the War ended a year ago
But not your occupation
Let the new Saddam come in
To ease your frustration
You patriotic freedom fighters
Thumbs up, you did a good job
You have a 1,000-death count
And the whole world hates you now
Righteousness has been exhibited
It can't outlast the rising budget
We kneel at your feet and drool
So let the new Saddam rule!