My dancing partner made our scene
Much better than it would have been,
If anyone but she were twirling round me in her place.
Her graceful dancing, sweet sashays,
The way she brightened up the stage,
They drew the gaze of many when the lights shone on her face.
She made me feel at ease out there,
Where I do not belong, I swear,
And always said "I'm sorry," when it wasn't her mistake.
She patiently put up with me
When I was less than I should be,
Although she was too good for me she still did not complain.

And maybe, when I would not hold your hand,
It was because I did not think I could,
And when my hands were light about your waist,
It was because I did not think I should.
So perfectly were you and I assigned,
(though truth be told, at first I disagreed)
That though the play has ended long ago,
I'm thankful still that you and I did meet.