Live By Night
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was a scent that filled me with fright,
Because it was known as the scent of the night--
And it was attached to a woman known as Cassandra
Blugosi,who's also a blood sucking creature known as a
Vampire--and she has no choice,but to live by night.

My name is Stephen Carpenter and I haven't seen
Any women of beauty in my whole life,until Halloween,
When I was invited to go to my friend,Jerry
Pryor's house,where he was hosting a big masquerade party
With all of our friends from the local Dairy Queen.

And while everyone else were enjoying themselves,I've looked
Over to the sofa and saw a raven haired beauty reading a book
Entitled 'Dracula',which was written by Bram Stoker--
And then,after I was able to walk over
To her,I've pointed at the tome and said,"That's my favorite book."

Then,after we've looked at each other and let out a smile,
We've found ourselves in a love with each other--but only for a while,
Because when I've stepped outside to get some air,
I was shocked to discover Cassandra sucking the blood out of Clair,
Jerry's wife,which had caused me to run about a mile
Away from the ghastly scene,before Jerry discovers his wife
Dead in the back yard with all of her life's
Blood sucked right out of her,that's followed by the sweet smell
Of a perfume that's straight out of Hell.