Hello, and welcome to the second installment of 'Funny Instructions',
STUPID SIGNS!!! As before, these are all real signs! Well, according to my
sources, and the pictures are all photos. anyway, they're still good for a
laugh, so ENJOY!!!
Coffee/tea to sit in or take-away, seen outside a coffe shop in England
(A/N: yup, nothing more relaxing than scalding your bum in a hot cup of
Animals drive slowly, seen on the side of a road to a nature park (A/N: I
didn't know they could drive)
Any persons (excluding players) caught collecting golf balls will be
prosecuted and have their balls removed (A/N: don't you think that's just a
BIT harsh?)
64ยบ east, Bat cave (A/N: Quick Robin!)
Kelvedon Hatch,
Secret nuclear bunker to your left (A/N: not so secret)
"Burger King": 'Hunchback' childrens meals are here! (A/N: Siamese twin,
double the fun! Kiddy pack $2 extra)
Hitchhikers may be escaping inmates (A/N: who can blame them?)
Outside a church: Don't let worries kill you. Let the church help.
(A/N:it's been that way ever since it's inception)
Please don't shoot kids at play, seen outside a wood. (A/N: on the other
Caution: tree in center of road (A/N: wouldn't it've bben cheaper just to
remove the tree?)
Slow down or die (A/N: now we're talking! The revoulution in warning
Now, I think I've seen this one: Cocoa Avenue, Chocolate ave. (A/N:
somewhere near the Caramel highway.)
Outside a run-down house: STUFF for sale here (A/N: if there ever was a way
top arouse suspicion this is it!)
Outside a park: To aid your enjoyment, please eliminate dogs and litter
(A/N: where they took Old Yeller for his last walk.:-(