What is your problem?
I am not your toy.
I am not your experiment.
I am not someone to torture.
You did the same thing to me
that happened to you.
you preyed on me.
you hurt me.
you smashed me into a million pieces,
and expect me not to be angry.
just because I am sad.
and not in a good stage.
and I am weak.
you are not a lion.
I am not a gazelle.
you are mean,
and cruel.
I thought I loved you,
but I never made it an issue,
or have you think
that I wanted something
more than friendship.
My first impression of you
a friend
well, you ruined it now.
you are a liar, and a fake
not all the time.
but you were today.
you tell me not to make
you feel guilty,
you did something bad, hon.
you are suppose to feel
guilty about stuff like that.
don't make me feel guilty
for being honest,
for telling you about my feelings,
since I thought you cared.
I am cutting my strings from you
I am not your puppet