I'm Real

If you prick me
Do I not bleed?
Do I not hurt?
Like you or anyone

Do you not think
Me human, I
Do not feel or
Have feelings for that matter

If you tickle me
Do I not laugh?
Do I feel joy?
And am I happy

If im sad
Do I not cry?
And want to be hugged
And comforted and made to feel better

If I'm depressed
Do I not cut?
And let the pain flow
With a crimson glow

Do I not have
Time lines etched
Into the skin I
Wear as a burden

If you complement me
Do I not glow with
Pride and satisfaction
And the joy of your words

Do you not think I
Need reassuring every once
And a while or that
I'm happy the way it is

If you hate me
Do you think I don't
Know and won't feel
Bad for myself

I am real no
Matter what you
Think, I love, laugh
Cry and sing

I am not a
Barbie doll made
Of plastic, that can
Bend this way and that

I'm not perfect
And I'm not a toy
Stop treating me like one
Coz I will eventually break

A/N. Plz R&R. means a lot.