She's My Friend

I feel for her
She does this
To get pain relief
But causes more pain

She's my friend
And I cannot bear
Her going through this
Pain, but why can't she stop

I hate to see her
Hurt, and in this
Anguish but cannot
Stop her if she wants

To do this to herself
I'm her friend and
Support her no matter
What, but would love for her to stop

I hate to see her
Like this, no matter
What happens I'll be
There for her

I just hope one day
She doesn't go to
Far and cut to
Deep to be cured

She can talk to
Me about anything
And hope one day
She'll say I've stopped

I love her like a
Friend should and
Would hate her to
Get hurt more then she is

I'm here for her
And all the support
She needs no matter
What, I'll never drop

I'll be her helping
Hand when she needs
It and her shoulder
To cry on when she's upset

I'll never leave
And hope she believes
It, we'll always be friends
Forever no matter what

A/N. Plz R&R. means a lot.
Poem I wrote for my best friend.
Who I'm so proud of and love a lot.
Never forget that, we'll always be friends.