Ode to the Frigid One
Such as ripened fruit
Falls from the trees
The luke-warm air
Falls to a biting breeze
While few trees still cling to life
You see all as it is right
To freeze the roots
And make brittle its stem
So sleeps the mighty bear
In his once warm den
And autumn prepare them all for the end
Who saw you coming in your wake
Stopping, ending all that was fake
Finishing off this seasons end
Filling the air with a new trend
Aroma of pines flowing in still
The wind continues on and they can not fill
The once empty dreams of summer nights
As the chill comes with no fight
Death brings with it brand new life
That lie dormant and in wait
For that first warm light
Where are the songs that come from old
Fret not for thou hast music too
A silent song few ever find
For never do they take the time
To look for your wisdom so calm and rare
And too few among us often dare
To seek thee out and find you home
For this tone they turn a deaf ear
And none at all will find you here
None at all to scoff and sneer
No none at all will find you here