Have you ever felt alone?
Even when everyone tries to be there?
And ever tried to run away,
From everyone who cares?
Has life ever felt so wrong?
When everything was right?
Have constant thoughts of torment
Kept you up at night?
Have you ever felt completely unloved?
When people are there to love you
And ever felt you've reached the bottom,
With everyone high above?
Is there a horror inside?
Something you just can't fight?
Has it blinded you from the good?
Has it taken away your sight?
Have you ever felt so hurt?
When nothing is the matter?
And felt fine on the outside,
When inside starts to shatter?
Can nothing you do end this pain,
That's wasting you all the time?
Have you ever been afraid,
To tell this to a friend?
And have you ever felt,
That it's beginning to end?
Have you ever thought hard,
And slowly picked up the knife?
Placed the cold steal against your wrist and
Dared to end.