Colours of the darkest shade
Doors closed, no progress made
Hopes dashed and dashed once more
They only ever take what's yours
Times, time is passing now
But you'll always be seventeen

Yeah, you'll always remain the same
The same as when I kissed you for the last time
The last time is always the best time
Because the memory is all that's mine
I have nothing left of you

Photographs could not exist
None were taken, nothing missed
Satgger onward, hopelessly
Because there's nothing left for me
Everything is painful now
But you'll always be good to me


Memories that do not seem true
It's so hard to picture you
Music played amidst these tears
I'm dying and you are not near
Nothing's really real now
But you'll always be here in my head


"Lola Stars and Stripes"-esque breakdown