Love or Infatuation
Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: Here's another angsty one. I was feeling.....I don't this
poem I guess. I was kinda down when I wrote this, and so I came up with
this one. I don't know. Oh the burdens of being a woman.....we're too
emotional. ANYWAY....I seriously doubt if you guys/gals want to hear about
that, so I'm gonna drop the subject. I hope that you guys like this poem as
well. At the risk of sounding redundant....I'll only say this
once.....please R&R for me. Nothing else to say but Adios.

I finally understand it all
You've helped me to finally see
That you weren't really in love
You wasn't in love with me

But I get that now
And I finally understand
Me becoming your woman for life
Just wasn't in your plans

I don't harbor any resentment's
I'm just a little mad at myself
Because I put myself in the position
To love nobody else

I was ever so faithful
I was blind to a fault
Romance with other guys
I quickly put to a halt

So you let me play myself over you
And I lost in this game of chance
Tell me was this your intention
Was this all in your plans

No I can't blame you,
No, not really for this
I was the one infatuated
And blind sided by bliss

Ever the aggravator
You continue to play your part
Making me feel like such a fool
For believing with my heart

You see my heart's a fragile thing
And it easily can be destroyed apart
And you held the detonator of that bomb
Destroying my precious heart

I finally see the difference here
Between love and between lust
With love you'd never hurt each other
And you're surrounded by trust

Though infatuation is totally something else
It has a way of tricking even the smart
It's calculating and misleading
Deceiving even your heart

Love was never an equation between us
You and me didn't make a whole
It was here that we fell apart
And our relationship was the one to finally fold

So now I finally get it
And I'll leave with just my pride
But I just can't get over the fact
That it feels like I'm dying inside

I mean this really, really hurts
To know that you've never loved me
Infatuation triumphs over love
It's only now I see