Why is a term as oblique as marriage considered more important than basic human rights?

Gay marriage

Every where I look my life is being scrutinized
Cant turn around with out being under eyes
Try to protect me
From the hatred we see

But no matter what this country denies me

Place of my birth
Place where my eyes first opened
But given the girth
You'd think this whole county was spoken
For all the differences the tolerance we preach
Why my lifestyles perimeters the politicians breach

If I was a child molester
You'd give sympathetic eyes
If I was born again
You'd tell me sweet, sweet lies
If I was a murderer
Awaiting death row
You'd stand by me and make sure the switch they don't throw

You look at me and smile behind those clouded eyes
You have no idea how it hurts to bare all your lies
If my marriage isn't sanctified then a sinner I will be
If I'm a sinner then my sins will be for me
Cause all is mine
My right to live
To love and let live
To give what I have
To be who I am
All denied me because
You cant stand what I am

So I ask
Do I threaten you
You think I am letting you
Scare me away from life
Chase me away from love
Throw your words at me
Beat me with a cross
Of course some things in this life
are done to test the strength of men
But I am a man
And my test is to stand
To hold my head high to fight for my right
To hold on to freedom tight
Not to be hiding love at night

But still every where I look
my life is being scrutinized
Cant turn around with out being under eyes
Trying to protect me from the hatred I see
But no matter what this country claims that I am free
I am free to own land
I am free to pray
I am free to bare arms
Be it night or day
I am free to a trial
I am free to deny one
I am free to do anything but have a son
Because you label me
And throw me on a rack with lower society
My rights are revoked my family will never be
Because you get to vote and you don't even know me
Yet you consider the notion
That my love will ruin your life
That your children will be affected
Because I married a man not a wife
That the economy will fail
Because of my pipe dreams
Because my whole world rests
On what the media deems
An attack on mirage
A pollution of values
The destruction of family
As if names are some use
You list the qualities of man
You label and archive by the books the demands
That a family is a man and woman
They can have kids but I can
Own homes in joint accounts
And spousal treatments of whatever amount
And you deny me these trivial little things
As if id rule the world
If I could walk down the aisle
With the man of my dreams
And the children I love
With the people I care for
And release white doves
With the hopes that peace and serenity will reign

But yet you judge me
Don't even get what I mean
look into my heart
And tell me what you see
Is it the monster in you
Reflected in me
Or the heart of a pure lover
A man with vision and strength
A man who can stand tall for any length
No matter the weight heaped upon his head
No matter the filth thrown around about my bed
About my life in this town or my work in this city
About the sound of my voice and my final destiny
Take in what you can from these words I've written here
And know in the end that I really don't give a care
What you think of me or what you deem should be
The laws of this land
Because I know my self
And I am a family man