A Modern Day Frankenstein

By:Andrew Troy KeIler

It was on the First day of October that I've decided to do the one thing that God himself has done after he had created the known universe--created a new form of humanoid life--and since I was one of the doctors at Metro Health,it was easy for me to gain access to all of the body parts that I've needed to use in my experiments.

And then,after I've gotten all of the right body parts stitched together and placed my creation into a large water filled tank,I've placed two electrical wires into the same tank and hit the switch,causing the power to surge into the entire tank.

"LIVE!",I've yelled at the top of my lungs."I DEMAND IT!LIVE!!"

And then,after a few seconds,I've turned off the power,got my creation out of the tank,placed him on a table and checked for any sign of a heart beat--and suddenly,after I've finally heard the heart beating,my creation had taken his first deep breath.

But then,something had suddenly happened that had made me realize that what I've become was nothing more than the creator of a modern day Frankenstein's Monster--and that something has happened while I was on the phone with one of my colleagues.

My creation had gotten himself off of the table,walked out of the room and murdered an innocent orderly with super strong bare hands--and after I've found the murdered orderly and realized that what I've created was a rampaging beast,I've realized that I've got to find and destroy the very creature that I shouldn't had created in the first place--and may God have mercy on my soul.