No matter the circumstance

Have you dreamed of me ?
And rightfully so
Broken as I am
And out of control
Slicing as I smile
Yet blown away
Clawing in the night
Searching frantically

Accidents and sabotage
Linked by thin red lines
Carved deep and burning
Dripping in the night
Can you smell the hatred
Do you seek the divine
Will the earth bow down
Towards the sunshine
And they are off again
Stumbling staggering

Did you see the blue jay
The moon was very bright
Could you tell her worries
From the distance of the flight
Or did you see the beauty
Of her ruffled dew kissed cloak
Would you know her if she returned
Or did her spirit you revoke
Call out when the rain comes again
The stars will disappear
And would I know you in the dark
Only if she is here
Flying so gracefully through the water
Flapping gliding