When I first wrote this story I had mixed feelings about it, and didn't even know if I should put it up on Ficpress.
Though I decided it was a fairly good story and that maybe some of you will enjoy it, analyze it, try and find some symbolism in it.
And maybe some of you will just enjoy it as a story.
Either way, I hope you enjoy.

"What if I never saw you again? I'd die right next to you in the end."
-Slipknot Danger-Keep away

My God. His eyes were closed. But though his face was serene his body looked wracked and tortured.
"He used to be so lovely' she thought, 'but now look at him his exposed insides being hailed down by the rain and her tears.
'What could have done this?'
His pale face pointed towards the black sky.
'Does God hate me?'
Here fingers touched his lifeless fingers.
'So cold, No warmth. No life. I loved him though.'
She sat there her back being pounded by the chill rain, not moving except for the heaving from her sobs.
'What did this?'
'I did.'
'What? You bastard.'
'Sadly girl it is my business.' The voice in her head replied.
'Where are you?'
'Behind you girl.'
She slowly turned around.
A man was there he was semi-transparent and floated a few feet off the ground.
He had angular features, and a monocle. And he wore a suit from a by gone era of aristocrats.
'Who are you?'
'I am Mammon.'
'Why? You sick freak.'
Mammon adjusted his monocle.
'To take away his pain.'
'Why he wasn't hurt.'
'Wasn't he? You are all in pain. I can take it away.'
"What!!" She gasped aloud.
'I can rid you of your pain girl. Do you want me to?'
She looked at her deceased boyfriends corpse.
'Yes.....I want to stop hurting.'
Mammon approached her by merely floating.
'Okay girl.'
He placed his hand on her face. It was so cold. Then the burn in her
stomach. Split in half her lifeblood seeping from it endlessly.
Then her body fell on the ground next to that of her deceased boy friend.
Eternally together.
And Mammon smiled happy at how easy it was to manipulate the youth.