I find that I am
Numb - everywhere -
Your touch is just a dull sensation -
Tingling - [aching] - Making my flesh burn and flush -
Plots & schemes color your eyes -
You are always so cold -
Passionless fingertips on gaunt arms
Tracing formless lovers and incessant stars
Across my forehead -
Bottomless Hearts -
Surreal knighthood [in love]
Moonlit sunrise blinds my soul and all that I
Can hear are our hearts pounding - together - alone -
Your moans so low
And mine - ambiguously intertwined -
Your esoteric garden making my lips bleed -
Needing - Strawberry Astringent -
To heal the wounds you inflicted -
And then come the
Endless rotations - Hips together -
Like opposite ends of a magnet -
Cobalt nail polish;
Lost in the starlight coming from your mouth -

You are my Nowhere - -


Author's Note:
This is a poem spawned from a line in Beth Morgan's poem 'Necromancer Mine'. Read it here: