I curl up in my corner,

this dark, quiet place, devoid of light.

And the chilled air, rushes through the window left ajar.

I wish there was wind…

to hollow out my deadened heart.

I see your smile flash across the floor,

and I stand and I speak to you.

But the words spoken, only said to fill up the space,

because you aren't listening, aren't even looking at me.

Slow, sinking feeling in my stomach,

as I realize the tearstained truth.

That all this time, you were only thinking,

wanting, wishing you were somewhere else,

talking to another, at another time.

I should have expected this, it shouldn't be a shock.

And yet- it is.

Why do I believe your sweet words?

…when you tell me that I am worthwhile.

Even as my heart melts, my mind screams,

not to listen, that it is lies.

Always I ignore those cries of my conscience,

and follow my fickle heart… once again it was wrong.

I suppose I set myself up for this…