It's not easy for me
To be who I am
I've lived a sheltered life
And I'm scared to come out
Don't push me
You know me
Yet you don't
Why don't you see
That it's not just about being shy
It's something that is so much more
It's not about being lazy
Though I may joke about it being so
More often than not
I'm afraid
I'm confused
I'm hated by most
And those that love me
Are not hot and passionate about it
But lukewarm and stale
No one knows the real me
Not even I
So why do you try
To tell me how to live my
Let me figure it out on my own
I appreciate your concern
But I need to find my own way
Yes I love you
Yes I am happy to know you
Yes I value your opinion
But no, you do not understand
Someone fell into your lap
And the happiness that came with it
Blinds you from the hell that is my life
I am the one that's alone
I am the one who can't go on
I am the one who needs the love
I am the one who must figure this out