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Chapter 5: He's so gonna die!

'No! No! No! It was so not meant to turn out that way. I was the one who practiced like hell. I am the nicer person (although I'm pretty sure Dylan's female fan population may disagree). Then how come he wins.

He didn't even cheat!' I moaned to Ruth as I squeezed out lemons for the lemonade I was commanded to make .

'Well it's not too bad.' Ruth sided the creature 'Atleast all you have to do is make drinks. I think you'd have made life worse for him'

'Not simply would have.. I still will' I said with the determination of ….. I don't know… Atilla the Hun?' Starting with this' I reached out for the salt shaker and dumped it's entire contents into the pitcher set in front of me.

'You do realize that Candy and Jake will also be drinking from that?' Ruth tried to reason. 'All the more reason' I replied with a positively sinister smile and tool the tray to the pool where the guys were string with their mouths open at Candy who had the tiniest bikini on.

Ruth frowned and cleared her throat. Jake looked up with a grimace and a weak laugh 'Just admiring her swimming skills'. Dylan on the other hand was staring strangely at me. Oh no! Now what ? Probably cooking up some devious house hold chore.. 'Drink it' he said with a chesire grin.

'What?' I asked getting that sinking feeling and started flashing 'please help me' signals to Ruth. 'You've had a rough day getting beaten by me and all (isn't he so modest?) go on and cool off'

'Oh I'm fine! Actually I already had a glass inside' I smiled congratulating myself on coming up with such a good excuse. 'Just one?' I swear Dylan was mocking me 'Go on I'm sure there's enough for another'

'Okay ' I mustered up a thin lipped smile and took a glass and took a sip and did all I could from retching. 'Go on' Dylan urged-Oh he's so gonna die!!! I couldn't swallow another drop of that crap. I took another mouthful. Could things go any more wrong?