My fears surround and haunt me
Following me and the one I love
Destroying my Heart
My Soul
My Mind

So dark and so alone
Forever running from what I cannot see
Death and loss pursue and destroy me
I am lost within the dark

Light within my darkness
She's there before my eyes
So young with wings of purple and blue
Clear as a heart forever true
Yet wise beyond my span of years

"Be yourself. You can get through this"
She softly says to me
As angels of divinity fly within her light
Her hair the golden of the sun
Her eyes the blue of sky

I remember her, I think of her
Yet I never learned her name
Who is she? I keep wondering
What does her appearance mean?

Sweet, young guardian with wings
Beautiful beyond what eyes can see
Protect me and show me the light
I long to hear what more you can say
Show me
Tell me
Help me find the way.