Wine, you can be sure of wine.
And sleep is usually blessed with numbness.
A good book is a very good friend
And the music is, of course eternal.

But never trust yourself to cope with love
That most destructive force of all
When you fall in love
You are prepared to kill
Like Vietnam
Falling in love is a conscription
Not something you choose to do
And when it ends, you are guilty
Because you selfishly never remembered
Not to promise anything.
Do you see what you have done?
You have fired bullets into the body
You kissed
You have beaten to death the beauty
You worshipped
You have turned love into a Gulag
Filled with innocent inmates
Who you have disappointed
You pray for their release
But God is not so kind
And you can only hope
That the people you have loved
Can swiftly develop
The gift of hate
And break themselves out.
This is what you have done, you have taken up a gun
Put into your hands by love
And you have fired and mutilated
So many people.
I know this because
I have done it
More often than I care to remember
And I will again
Because I am emotionally deformed, and devoid of what is beautiful.