Omega Fantasy Stories


In the story series of Omega Fantasy...these stories are filled with fantasy paired up with phenomenal things happening in each story. These stories are filled with unbelievable happenings that capture the origins of deep imagination. From phenomenas of time, unknown and powerful existences, powerful forces,

and good vs evil or light and dark. All stories revolve around the source origin of Omega Fantasy. Adding up to relate to an Omega Fantasy. Omega Fantasy means all different things in each of these stories but it's based on one idea of being phenomenal.

What exactly is Omega Fantasy is unknown until the jigsaw puzzle of all the stories in the series are combined to piece together the meaning of Omega

Fantasy and unlocking greater secrets on background information upon why the various problems in the stories began to occur. The unanswered questions are then answered and the solutions for the next coming problems to do with Omega Fantasy will easily be solved. To have a better understanding it is wise to read each Omega Fantasy story so you can be an expert of Omega Fantasy. It's better to know secrets than be left in the dark...lost and alone....


Entering Dream.Entering Dream.Everything in existence dream. The dreams are brought out and formed within their minds as they sleep. They are subconscious images that can be seen in someone's mind and they can be formed by that being's thoughts. What if the dreams could be controlled? Someone could enter their dreams anytime they want and create the dream how they please without having to fall asleep and hope that they will have a certain dream. When they have control of their own dreams to enter them at will, what will happen when they cannot distinguish the difference between their dreams and reality? Caught and trapped in the dreams. As the Nightmares come to take over all Dreams and sweep over those who are lost within their own created dreams. Wiping their subconscious out and destroying their souls. Only those outside of the Dreams can break the barrier to enter those infected Dreams. These beings that can enter the dreams to fight off the nightmares are the only chance.

Entering Dreams may be pleasant but can be deadly and dangerous. Many risks will be taking place while someone is entering a dream. These are some tales of the Nightmares that attacked those who abused themselves Entering Dreams.