Lain stared at the shadows cast upon the ceiling, seeing them occasionally flit across the canvas as headlights splashed them over the wall. The guest bed in Amy's room was comfortable enough, but with the air conditioning on as high as it was, she had no hope of sleep. Naturally, her tingling nerves, the tension in the room, had nothing to do with it.

She couldn't focus, she couldn't breathe. She tried to focus on the humming of the air conditioning rather than her desperate need for air, but she felt she was suffocating, drowning in the desire that screamed within her, rattled her very bones and shook the foundation of her being, her willpower. She sat up quickly, rustling the covers out of the way before burying her face in her hands, breathing shakily. Feeling lead weights press against her eyelids and the familiar burning rise in her throat, she swallowed hard, knowing she had to control the pending tears. She became aware of eyes upon her and was brought back to reality abruptly; she was in Amy's room, five feet separating their tense bodies. Be it five feet or five miles, Lain thought it would make no difference; however far the distance was, truly or metaphorically, she could not, would not cry.

Running her hands through her hair and sniffing back the last remains of tears, Lain looked through the darkness to Amy's now sitting form. Blankets were laid across her lap, her tousled hair making her look as if...No, Lain thought as she cleared her mind. She mustn't think of such things, not if she were to assemble any image of composure.

"Lain," Amy's voice trembled across the room, "are you okay?" She sounded scared, though Lain half wondered and half hoped about the true source of this fear.

Air was still not coming to her, it felt. She needed air, she needed to get out and breathe, breathe her in, drink her up, because in the end, she didn't need air, she needed her in a way that even her body couldn't comprehend, let alone her mind. Or perhaps her body did understand. Maybe she truly was suffocating, dying.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I think I just need a walk; it's cold in here and I need some fresh air." She stood up and slipped her shoes on. Amy slid off her bed but Lain waved her off, heading toward the door. She hadn't heard footsteps, but as Lain's hand grasped the cool metal of the doorknob, Amy's hand fell upon her arm. She pulled her back, taking Lain's hands in her own and holding her gaze, desperation in her eyes and in the voice that weakly pleaded, "Don't go."

Lain nervously glanced back at the door. "You know, I really think I need fresh air..."

A trace of Amy's signature mysterious grin filled her lips. "I'm pretty good at mouth-to-mouth resuscitation."

A nervous giggle escaped Lain, and she muttered, "And the cold?"

"Nobody ever sleeps on the guest bed, so the covers are crap. You can sleep in my bed."

"I'm not kicking you out of your own bed."

"Well, I'm not letting you freeze to death."

Lain took her hands from Amy and folded her arms, holding herself together in the guise of protecting herself from the cold. "I really should go..."

Amy's eyes froze for a moment before she stared at the floor, her collected persona dissolving. She was just as scared of this feeling as Lain was. "I don't want to you go..." her voice weakly rose past the dangling tendrils of her hair, covering whatever desperate features had lainabout her face.

Neither of them could express the simple, obvious solution; it seemed they were no good for more than this, this fraught standoff against needs that were so clear they were toxic. She could feel them growing inside of her, calling to be answered, demanding cooperation which she would not, could not give. It was like boiling water left unattended; eventually it would boil over. She needed to get out of here before that happened, but she couldn't seem to move her feet, though she stared at them and mentally pleaded for them to move, to leave, to get her out of here before she would lose control and things would go horribly wrong. Heat rose through her body, rolling through her in large, powerful curlicues that seemed to leave no room for the rest of her, whether it be her physical insides or her metaphorical will, because there was no way that a true will could possibly exist in her if she couldn't even move her feet. The seconds dragged on, but the moment wasn't lost; on the contrary, it seemed that with every passing second, the inevitable glaringly radiated throughout the room, seeped through her body, pulsated within her core.

Lain bit her lip and stared at her feet, her breath coming shakily. Amy squeezed her hand gently, lightly pressing her fingertips beneath Lain's chin, leading her gaze to meet her own. Swallowing the nervous lump in her throat, Lain struggled with the insane urge to look away and the insatiable need to stare into her eyes forever. Soft fingertips caressed Lain's cheek, threading back into her hair and drawing her close, closer, closest. Lain's heart beat a furious, primal rhythm, desire secreting every one of her pores, and she touched her lips to Amy's. The kiss was soft, sweet as lips brushed against one another. Her lips were smooth, caramel kisses against Lain's own, pressing her heart further, her breath harder as she pulled her lips from Amy's. Her stomach erupted warmly, overwhelming desire screaming to be fulfilled.

It was over, Lain thought. It's supposed to be over.

And finally, at the same moment as Amy, she snapped. Lain's fingers dove through Amy's hair as she pressed Lain hard against the door, pressing her lips even harder against Lain's. Mouths opened, closed, pulled as tongues slid and danced with each other, hands exploring haphazardly. Lain's knees weakened and she shot a hand out to one of Amy's bedposts as they buckled. Turning her body around so that her back was to the bed, she leaned against it for support as Amy pressed her body into Lain's, arching, grasping, gasping for air. It was as though she was sucking Lain's soul from her very mouth, letting it's electricity mingle on her lips and strike Lain's own every time they touched. Amy pressed herself harder into Lain, and she crawled backward on the bed, fingers entwined with Amy's and pulling her on the bed with her. Amy crawled over Lain's trembling form, moving down as though to kiss her but stopping a hair's breadth from Lain's lips. They stayed there for moments that seemed to last for hours, eyes captivated in the depths of the other's, wavering breaths sweeping over lips and tongues that parted them, wetting sandpaper, it felt like. Lain noticed that, as her breath picked up and became shallow, her mouth became a dry cavern, dying to have something fill it.

Amy closed the last of the distance, after ages, it seemed, and lightly pressed her lips to Lain's. Her tongue trailed over Lain's lower lip, her teeth nibbling at it gently, a disrupted breath of Lain's passing over it. She lifted her head to press her lips harder against hers, but Amy pulled away and began to kiss over her cheek, her jawline, slowly. She reached Lain's neck and bit gently, a sigh escaping Lain as she arched her neck back, her back arching upward against Amy a bit as well. She kissed down Lain's neck, alternating soft bites for gentle sucks, and then after repeating this process across her shoulder, she kissed back up her neck and over her ear. A spiked moan of surprise left Lain's lips before she could stop herself, but as Amy placed light kisses across her ear, breathing heavily, hotly across it, Lain became too delirious to care. Amy laced Lain's ear with taste buds, dragging her tongue against the sensitive skin behind her earlobe, biting on it gently and pulling it back, sucking tenderly on it. All the while her hands slipped under the lower part of Lain's shirt, barely touching the skin as she trailed her fingertips across Lain's sides, waist, hips. Her teeth found her lower lip and bit down against another desirous sound pending its release, arching her body more and gripping Amy's hips.

"God..." Lain whispered shakily, bringing her hands up to Amy's waist and squeezing. She pulled Amy down against her and bit down on her shoulder, masking a low whimper before biting across Amy's neck lightly. Amy began to tremble atop Lain, moaning shakily into Lain's ear, sending shivers down her spine. They both kissed across each other's necks, shoulders, ears, collarbones, faster and faster until they were both gasping for air, reaching for skin and tasting every inch they could reach. Amy left a particularly stirring bite on Lain's neck, causing her to scratch up Amy's back, pulling her shirt up with her. Lifting herself onto her elbows, Amy looked at Lain through eyelids that were at half mast, begging with those eyes. Lain obeyed their plea, pulling Amy's shirt over her head and off of her arms, one by one. Lain took a moment to let her eyes drift over the exposed skin that now lay atop her, their stomach's touching as Lain's shirt was bunched just below her bra, before bringing her eyes back to Amy's and biting her lip.

"God're beautiful..."

A dark tint took over Amy's cheeks, not quite mistakable for shadows, and she dipped herself down to Lain's stomach, placing soft, taunting kisses over the skin pebbled with goosebumps. Kissing over to her sides, Amy bit at her waist and began to suck there, twirling her tongue in circles over the skin her lips enclosed. A wanting sigh leaked from Lain's lungs as Amy kissed down over her thighs, pulling her pajama pants down an inch or two to kiss over the divet just on the inside of her thigh. Electricity raced through her body, pumping her heart to an unimaginable beat, and no matter how fast she breathed, for the pace of her lungs had picked up tremendously, the air only stirred the fire raging within her core. Lain placed her fingertips beneath Amy's chin and pulled her back up to eye level, rooting her hands in her hair and pressing her lips hard to Amy's, a low moan vibrating against Amy's lips. She slipped her tongue between the small part of Amy's lips, tracing it across Amy's lips, touching the tip of it to Amy's own. She wrapped her legs around one of her thighs, Amy doing the same to Lain, and began to kiss across her neck again. Amy followed suit, biting the spot where her neck and shoulder met, and shocks sparked throughout Lain's nerve endings, jerking her leg up between Amy's legs which were locked around it. She whimpered sharply and arched herself against Lain's thigh, bending her neck back and digging her teeth into her lower lip.

Driven by her ecstasy, Lain's leg twitched upward roughly again, grating against Amy's center and causing her to moan for what seemed like years. Amy began to shake, her leg vibrating against Lain's own center, and she clasped her thighs tighter around Amy's, arching her hips and biting her own lower lip. The moment her teeth left her lip, she felt them replaced by Amy's as she began to bite and pull there. Gripping Amy's waist and running her thumbs over her hips, Lain moved her hips forward, pressing herself against the thigh that her legs were locked around. Amy followed suit, moans emanating from the furthest depths of their throats and resonating within their entwined mouths.

They rocked along each other's legs, moving faster and faster until they broke into a hectic bucking. Hands slipped, gripped, slid beneath fabric and then pressed, pulled, pressed again...

Cool air swept past Lain's bare skin as the blankets stirred, bringing Lain from a deep sleep. She felt smooth weight crawl on top of her body before more of it softly being pressed against her lips. She kissed back before she quite realized what was going on; once she had, she opened her eyes to a smiling Amy.

She smiled back serenely and brushed Amy's hair back behind her ear with a fingertip, whispering, "What are you doing?"

Amy's smile softened and she leaned down, making the tips of their nosees touch before whispering in reply, "Making sure this is real..."