I and he had been friends for a short while. I loved his company, and he acted as though the feeling was mutual. I had a big crush on him, though I wasn't sure if he felt the same. He was really sexy and nice. He wasn't too much older than me, maybe two years. I always did wonder one thing about him though. was he ticklish? One day he invited me, my best friend, and his best friend all over to his house. My friend was not allowed to go to his house, and his friend was busy. So it was me and him, which I liked. About 5:30 I showed up on his front step just in time to see his mom and dad leaving. I talked to them for a bit, to show them they could trust me. They seemed to agree and left. He came down the stairs in his usual band shirt and loose jeans. He invited me to his room, and I followed him up the stairs. There he showed me everything he owned, his CDs, DVDs, and even his computer games. I smiled, and was very impressed, but I noticed something. He was in his bare feet. When he showed me the view out of his room window, I looked at his feet. They were very big (LOL) and they looked soft, like he had just taken a shower. He began showing me his music files on his computer. He started talking to me, which made me very happy, but I really started wondering if he was ticklish. I laughed at one point, at me, and he turned red in embarrassment. I guess. What ever he just said, he believed I just laughed at it. I apologized and said that I wasn't laughing at him. He agreed and invited me to sit next to him. I agreed and he proceeded to tell me about his school. "Yeah, a lot of walking around. my feet really hurt still." I gave him a reassuring smile and said "You know I am a masseuse." He smiled. "Oh really?" I nodded. "Do you want me to." I didn't finish your sentence. "That's okay, I don't want to cause you any trouble." I got up. "Oh, it's no trouble at all." He got up next to me. "In that case." I let him lie down on his bed, face down, kind of hugging his pillow. His feet lay in my lap, his toes twitching. He began to talk and closed his eyes. I didn't quite know exactly what to do. I gently began to massage his feet and he let out a sigh of relief. I could tell I was making him happy, which was good. I felt bad for him, he had a lot on his hands right now. The SATs were coming up and he was constantly dragging his books around his humungous high school. His feet were warm, really pale, and his skin was very clean. I purposely rubbed the bottom of his sole, acting like I hadn't intended on it, just to see what he did. He toes twitched a bit and I felt him tense up for a second. I knew I hadn't touched it enough to make him laugh, but it seemed he was ticklish. Neither of us said a word, but I began to move down to the arch of his foot, and he let out a small giggle. I smirked. "Is something wrong?" He turned a bit red. "Oh.no." I knew he wouldn't admit it. They never do. So I began to rub his arches in his feet, in a tickly sort of way. He let out another small giggle before he started to tense up and hold his breath. "Oh," you said "Are you ticklish there?" I dared to ask, feeling myself foolish for it. But he still tried to hide it. "No. I'm not." You laughed at his embarrassment from being ticklish. I gently ran my finger from his toes to his sole and across his arch. "Hey. don't. d-do that." I did it anyway. "You are ticklish." He blushed. "No I'm not." I began to wiggle a few fingers across his arch and made little circles with your index finger. "H-hey. I-I'm n-not ticklish." I laughed. "Yes you are." I began to tickle him full force around his arches. He began to squirm and laugh but I held a good grip on his ankles. I kept tickling him. "Still aren't ticklish?" I teased. "N-no." he said in between laughing. "I won't stop until you admit it!" He laughed twitched his toes furiously. "NEVER!" I jumped on him and began to use all ten fingers to tickle his toes and he began to laugh more then before. "You must admit it!" He laughed and laughed and I think I saw a tear come from his eye. "N- no! I w-will never admit." He was laughing to hard to finish. I saw a few pieces of rope on the ground (why he had rope in his room I don't know) and tied his wrists and ankles together. I tied them down to make sure he couldn't get free. I lay next to him with my hand on his stomach. "I know you are and you're going to admit it!" "NEVER!!!" I started to rub his stomach like a dog and he began to laugh. "FINE! I admit it!" I stopped to let him speak. He caught his breath. "I am ticklish!" I raised an eyebrow. "I know. Now let's see where you're ticklish." He had a look of terror, yet happiness. Like he was kind of joking, but he was enjoying this. "Hmm" I studied him. "I already know here." I ran your finger across his toes to make him squirm and wiggle. I took off his shirt and opened one rope to get it off. His arms were raised because they were tied. I took a feather from my pocket and began to slowly brush his armpit with it. "Hey. hehe." He squirmed around as I tickled his soft skin with the feather. He began to giggle and act like it didn't tickle. I suddenly had an idea. I slid under him and began tickling both armpits with both hands. He began roaring with laughter as I rubbed his under arms. "S-stop i-it!! Hahahahaha!" I began to slide my fingers down to his sides and began moving my hands up and down his sides. "Hahahaha! H-hey! T-that." He was again laughing too had. I slid out from under him and gave him a minute to catch his breath. I sat next to him on his bed. "Now I know your secret!" I pulled out a paint brush that happened to be wet but clean. (I had been painting before I came) and began to use the wet bristles to 'paint' little circles all over his abs. (they really aren't like six pack or anything, just abs LOL) He squirmed and laughed and even squealed a little bit. (In a not girly way, that is) I began to rub his belly like a dog again, in a tickly sort of way. He began to laugh. I sort of hugged him, nuzzling his chest to kind of tickle him, and began to rub his neck. I didn't try to tickle him during these few minutes. I just kind of rubbed his neck and upper chest area, soothingly. He smiled in pleasure. I was thinking about saying something but didn't want to ruin this moment. He began to close his eyes. He opened them a few minutes later. "I'll untie you." I said softly. He looked deep into my eyes and laugh. "That's okay, please, go on." I smiled and gently rubbed his stomach. It was soft, his skin so clean. He began to squirm again. I lay next to him and asked him, teasingly. "Where are you MOST ticklish?" He raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Oh, won't you find out?" I smiled and slumped down to his toes. I began to jokily lick his toes. "Hahahaha! Stop it! Th-that does tickle- A LOT!! But still. nope!" I smirked, before massaging his arches again and slowly moving up to his knee area, and squeezed right above his knees. He laughed a little, but she could tell that wasn't the spot. I began to rub his back thighs. He laughed and attempted to move his legs but couldn't. I began to feel him muscled legs and rub them softly. He laughed. It tickled him, unintended this time though. I moved up to his armpits, in which I softly rubbed little circles with my index finger. He laughed loudly but insured me it wasn't the spot. I moved up to his neck, petting the back softly. He cringed and smiled wide, holding back laughter and I hugged him again, gently kissing his neck. "That tickles! Hey!" He giggled. I thought for a second and moved down back to his abs area and began making outward motions. He laughed and tried his hardest to get loose. I looked up and realized how cute he looked when he was being tickled. I gently ran her whole hand up his side and around his tummy and down the other side. "HAHAHAHAHA!!!" He burst out laughing as she used her fingers to rub his stomach in all directions. "THAT'S IT! THAT"S IT! NOW PLEASE STOP!!" he laughed. I smiled and untied him. I half expected him to be either really mad or really awkward. When he first sat up, the first thing he did was embrace me. I felt his warm arms around me, touching my arm. He was smiling and he kept his eyes closed. This was the first time I ever saw him being deep. I lay my head and my hand on his chest and reached my other arm around his back, slightly rubbing it. He spoke softly. "Now that you know, will you do me a favor?" I looked into his deep brown eyes as he looked into my icy blue ones. I was memorized but replied "Anything." He smiled and held me close. He whispered to me, "Please don't tell anyone that I'm ticklish. I don't want to look weak." I smiled to see him trusting me. "Of course I won't." I whispered back. He smiled. I poked him in he rib to see him smile and giggle. He lay back, taking me with him. He lay there with me for a long time, his arm around me, comforting me. I felt him shiver. He began to get cold, for the autumn breeze was coming through his window. He closed the window and returned to me, pulling up the blankets, and there we stayed, all night. About 11pm I woke up, snuggled up to the side of him. I realized the time and slowly ran my toes across his heel. He wiggled and opened his eyes. "Hey." he said. "I better go." she whispered to him. Once more I rubbed his stomach to make him giggle and smiled. I sat up and began to get off the bed. "Wait." he said. I turned, and as I did, he began to get closer. He passionately pushed his lips to mine. His tongue entered my mouth, and mine his. I made an "Mmm." sound. The vibrations tickled his lips and he slowly laughed. He smiled and said to me "Let me walk you home." As we walked back to my house, he kept a good hold around my waist. He held me in his arms the whole way. I kept one arm around him to, tickling his side from time to time. When we finally got there, I was sad to see his night go, but it must, I knew. And he gave me another kiss, before I walked into my dark, dark house.