Women's Version:
Green or red or perhaps even blue?
Or purple or gold or maybe pink?
Which one, oh which one? Which one will do?
So many colours- it's hard to think!
Taking the fabric into account,
Cotton, polyester, even silk!
Oh god, how much money- I've lost count!
What the heck- we can live without milk!
And now shall I buy the matching shoes?
Oh, and what will I wear for a hat?
With so vast a range, it's hard to choose,
First I want this, and now I want that!
Guess it is time to try on this gear,
But, such horror, there's such a long queue
Giving me time to realise my fear,
The other girls all look a size two!
Alright, I've picked it- the one I'll buy
It's pink and floaty, it's nice and light
Now I'm off, waving the shops goodbye
But wait- that's a cute top in my sight..
Men's Version:
Jeans by Levi in navy blue hue
They're just what I want- that will be all
Be back home in a second or two
Then lie on the couch and watch football