Well, everyone knows that you can't bargain with God - that it is wrong to
try - and that he doesn't take bribes. But to be honest, I am at the end of
my rope, so here it is - one last try - knock yourself out Kev!

I know that you know, as you sit there tapping you toes - you shouldn't -
they'll scuff
And humming incessantly.
You look up at me, catch me staring and misunderstand my gaze.
The joke Jordan cracks creases your face up into a grin,
And your yellow eyes crinkle at the corners.
I'm sure that when you're older you'll have crows' feet.
I'm still watching -
See the mild confusion in your expression, as you catch me looking again.
Funny word - catch - makes me feel guilty. Wrong.
A vibration in your pocket causes a flutter of laughter.
Those eyes scan over the message, and someone slaps me across the face.
I crack a pathetic joke in an effort to cover my dismay.
I would never hurt you like this, though you're not conscious of doing it,
I'm sure.
I'm smiling inside each time you say my name - a welcome break from the
.'Wilton', 'Killer' and 'Biff'
My mind is ripping when I think of 'Lisa' - the two syllables I have come
to loathe
So unreasonably!
I know that you know, to some extent, but when will you realise
That I would give my soul for just one kiss?