Miracle in the Snow

By Lara Chin

Dedicated to my friend, Charmaine Cassandra James

It was late December. A young girl of seventeen stood waiting by the roadside. There were big oak trees on either sides of the road. She had just finished her Christmas shopping and was waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up. She preferred to wait there because she knew busy shoppers would come hurrying out of the shops every second and she didn't want to get in people's way. The girl had shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes and a small nose. People called her Cassandra James.

Cassandra glanced up at the evening sky. She smiled as it started to snow. Little drops of snowflake fell on her hair. She caught one and rubbed it against her fingertips. She closed her eyes and remembered something which happened at the same spot a year ago....

Cassandra was frantic at that time. She had lost her purse. It dropped somewhere. But where? It must have fallen out of her pocket. She got down on her knees and started looking for it on the ground. People passing by stared at her. She didn't have time for them. If they think she was mad, then let them.

Mom will kill me, the scared girl thought worriedly. How can she buy the gifts without money? Oh dear, she wished she hadn't been so careless.

'God! Please help me!' she said desperately. 'Give me a sign...'

Snow started to fall silently. Cassandra felt cold. She wrapped her jacket around herself tightly. It was getting dark and cars were leaving for home. They couldn't wait to get back to their safe and warm homes.

I can't get back without money, poor Cassandra thought hopelessly. She got on her feet and turned around. She was about to get help when a stranger knocked into her. She looked up and found a tall young man looking down at her. He was handsome. He had soft brown hair and amazing blue eyes. Cassandra smiled back at him.

'Oops... sorry... I didn't see you...' she stammered.

'Don't worry. It wasn't your fault,' the man said kindly. 'Were you looking for something?Maybe I can help you?' He offered.

'I'm looking for my purse. I lost it. It's blue in colour and has yellow patterns all over it,' Cassandra told him.

'You mean this?' said the man as he pulled out a purse and handed it to her.

'Oh!' Cassandra squealed with delight. 'You found it? Where?'

'By those clump of bushes,' he replied and pointed behind him.

'Thank you so much!' the girl said gratefully. 'I can get home now. The shops are closed so it's no use going shopping now.'

' I can send you home, if you like,' the man said. Cassandra liked the look of the

young stranger. She trusted him and so accepted his kind offer. Together, they made their way towards the parking lot...

Cassandra opened her eyes. She heard a familiar engine sound from behind her. She turned around and saw the same man she met a year ago coming out from a white car.

'Oh, darling! I'm so sorry I was late. Sis made me sent her to Aunt Jenna's. Hope you don't mind,' he said as he took the shopping from Cassandra's hands. 'You must be tired. Get in the car.' He opened the car door and Cassandra stepped inside.

'Are you all right, love?' the man said concerned as he closed his door. 'Why are you suddenly so quiet?' He faced her and touched her chin gently.

'Yes, I'm fine, Augustine,' she smiled warmly at him. 'I was just thinking about my miracle in the snow.'

Augustine looked slightly confused but he drove on while Cassandra rested her head on his shoulder.