Beautiful Flower

Listen now,
My flower . . .
It's part of a relationship.
I know.
Sharing pain,
Sharing joy,
Sharing love . . .
And, I may be naïve . . .
But to see you cry . . .
To see you suffer . . .
It's a bit too much, really.
How can you be happy
In a relationship
That causes you so much pain?
You say you're unworthy,
Say you don't deserve it.
Yes you do.
You deserve it all
And more.
You're a flower
That has not bloomed.
When will your time come?
I hold my tongue.
What would I say?
You think you're happy
You tell me all the time.
I think that's an illusion.
I hold my tongue.
But I'm screaming inside.
You deserve better.
I know you do.
When will you realize this?
I want to see you happy,
To see you laugh,
To see you love.
To see you bloom
To the flower I know you are.
I know it won't
Last forever.
You have to stop fooling yourself
Sooner or later.
What will happen then?
I'm scared to say.
So, I won't.
I'll just watch
Day by day.
And someday I'll see you bloom.
A beautiful flower
With her face to the sun.