Original Date: 9-03-2004


Just to reminisce, I think of you
Backtrack to "us", I think of time. I'm lost in thought: your lips so fine
your hair so soft, those surreal eyes, how so divine.
Hark: 'twas my heartbeat whilst you walked by,
picked up the rose and said goodbye;
those piercing looks, how they entice,
that content mind, your healing smell:
hint at the eyes that gawk at sublime beauty, innate style, ebbing
passion, the radiant skin,
Your unphotographable smile.

The love I feel will always reveal My care for you,
The deepest desire Oh God, free a caged soul, hear this intrepid gargoyle.
"I'm pure of heart and speak true to you, but I know not how
We'll grow in love without a scar"
"My son, from the heavens above and the powers that be, I've heard you sob,
they'll render a star"

I've made my wish, now time will tell
Whether my heart is true or misconstrued...
This passing wind will kiss your feet
For love is patient, it's always giving, 'tis not bliss.
Stop looking around and see things in different light
Ever so often, I think of you.

Written while in college (UGA)