I watched you as you slipped
Away from your life.
You turned your back
On those who tried to help.
You can't seem to find
A way out of disaster.
You try to keep up
But everyone moves faster.
Theres no one to talk to
No is there.
You're lonely
And no one seems to care.
There are more scars appearing on your wrists
Day after day.
You look for a solution,
But nothing can make you stay.
You can relate to the sad songs
Played on the radio.
You still can't understand
What's missing though.
I smell the weed and smoke
From your clothes.
Home life seems tough
It's a diffitcult path you chose.
I watch as the bags under your eyes
Grow bigger.
You wind up in prison one night -
Go figure.
What's happening now?
Your life is one big mistake
You're alone and everyone around you
Is fake.
This pain you cannot bear.
So you grab some rope and a knife
And are about to hang yourself from the stairs,
When someone knocks on the door.
You see me standing there and realise,
There is someone who cares.
So I look at you,
And you put down your knife.
One knock from a friend
Can save someone's life.