Chapter 1: The Start Of It All

I was walking into my myths and legends class thinking of my girlfriend when this girl I know cuts me off from my class and walks in. Jenny was her name. She wasn't my friend but she was kind of popular. I sat in class saddened by the fact I couldn't see my girlfriend. I stared away not listening and then I noticed the bell ring. My friends all got up, but I stayed put, not wanting to move. I watched Jenny walk out, then that's when I got up. My friends already took off so I'm left alone. Right as Jenny steps out that door, not but one foot, a shot was heard. I ran to her dove and tackled her to the ground. The bullet hit a guy standing directly behind us. I watched as this man took 3 bullets before he fell. I looked around to see 3 other people run up. They were my friends from class but they looked messed up. The man who fired the shot looks at them firing 3 rounds into each of them. I looked at this man even more amazed than Jenny who had known they were in her class as well. Then the man said out loud, "They're not who you think they are anymore,"

The man sounded like Ryan but I wasn't sure. "They're what we call Zombies," the man said.

"Who are you?" Jenny asks.

"I'm Ryan," he says.

"Where are the others man?" I ask.

"The one's I found in time are locked up in the bathroom, they're safe and sound," he says.

Ryan throws a gun to me. "Here protect the girl," he says.

Jenny and I are trapped in a hallway. 5 more of these so called "Zombies" come around the corner heading strait for us. Jenny takes out her mirror from her purse and smashes it on the ground. She picks up a shard and throws it at one of the zombies. Instant kill!

"What do you need a gun for? I can kill them with just shards of glass." She said.

I fire 3 rounds into each zombie that comes around the corner. They all die. More and more keep piling out of this hallway. Finally Ryan shows up with the others and we run away as fast as possible shooting every zombie in sight. Finally we get outside where we can rest at the nearest shop which was like 2 minutes walk from school. We rest and buy some drinks and some first aid stuff for the people who were injured in our group.

We were all sitting in a circle. Sitting there I realized I knew more than half the people who "survived" that massacre. On my left there was Ryan, my best friend (at this school anyways) and my other friend Jon. Ryan brought a gun to school which was surprising to find out but it did save our lives instead of harming some. Jon is a friend of mine who lives with in a 10 second radius from my house, his brother Anthony who supplies my ride to school. Then there was of course Jenny, a very pretty girl with blond hair. Ryan and I had had a crush on her the previous year, but that ended very suddenly for me. Last but not least were Amber and Ashley, the two crazy side kicks. They were the last people that survived this "incident" as far as we know. There may be a few more people that survived.

We were all talking trying to figure out where we were going to go. Anthony had his car back at school, so we planned on using it. One problem it's a 5 seater car and we have 7 people with us. So I decided to ride in the trunk and the back seat be scrunched. But we ended up dropping off Amber and Ashley at one of their friends houses. So after they got out we all sat comfortably. We pass Jacobs High and notice there are "Zombies" walking around there. So we take off as quickly as possible. Then I noticed that every school we passed there were "zombies" of the students that attended there. So I got scared and asked Anthony to take me home. As soon as I got home I picked up the phone and called my girlfriends house. She picked up, I was so happy and grateful (because she gets home around 4 from school and I get home around 3:30 so yeah I was surprised).

"You're home?" I said puzzled.

"Yeah," She said," Stayed home sick, gave Kristen a cold too."

"Oh my god thank god." I said.

"Why what's wrong?" She asked.

"Every student at every school around here except a select few of us have been turned into these things, they're like zombies." I said.

"Oh my god, Yeah I stayed home and Kristen is here with me."

"We're coming ok just stay there." I yell as I say my goodbye and hang up.

We left right after that. I found it odd that Jenny wanted to go along; she said she had nothing better to do. So I grabbed my wooden sword and jump into Anthony's car and we take off heading to my girlfriend's house.

We started driving when all of a sudden Anthony's car starts slowing down. The weather started changing. It was getting dark with like a weird fog. Ryan pulls out his guns and I grab my wooden sword. We both step out of the car after we watch the fuel gauge hit empty. We both look around. Then out of nowhere a whip like thing flies out from the fog and hits Ryan. Another one follows it heading my way. I pull my "sword" and attack it. It knocks my stick away and the whip breaks. Then a weird looking monster thing comes out. It was a big oversized plant. Ryan shoots it like 5 times and it doesn't die. Finally Jenny steps out of the car with her purse. She pulls out her spray bottles and a lighter. "What are you doing?" I yell.

She lights the spray and lights the oversized fungi on fire. It dies. We end up having to push Anthony's car to the nearest gas station. It was deserted so we took some free gas. After we filled up we took off (again) to my girlfriends house.