Chapter 4: Scarlet Skies

We make it back to the main entrance where we all wait for the next wave of zombies to slowly find our ravishing living flesh. I walk over to the girl who had been left behind in that one room, who looked like she had already made friends with the people in the room. The girl spoke to us twice within five minutes but we still had no idea what her name was. She got up and walked into the main office. Two secretarys were lying on the floor dead. She picked up the receiver which was dangling unhung on the desk. She listened to hear a faint static sound which was then replaced by an eerie quiet ringing noise. She handed me the phone when I walked in the room.

"Hello Brandon," a voice said on the phone, "You are not alone. Three other people you know are missing within the premises of school. You must find them before it's too late and report to the library, it's the safest room in the school." The voice said in a raspy toned voice.

"Someone's Screwing around with us," I say as I hang up.

As I make my way back to where everyone else is the girl screams. I run back in to see a zombie attacking her leg but hasn't bit her yet. Ryan walks in with Kristen both armed with pistols and they blast at the zombie. Cindi walks in and throws a pair of Kunai at the zombies head. The zombie falls motionless. The girl gets up and gives Cindi a hug.

"Thanks," she said as she ran out of the office and outside.

We all follow after her to realize the biggest crazy guy I ever knew who definently had a wrestler attitude. Using none other than his body as his weapon, Cougar Draven stood outside.

"Hey Cougar," I yell as I run outside to greet him.

"Hey B, How's it hanging," he said, "Who's that?" he asks pointing at the girl who is now staring at the Scarlet colored sky.

She looked over at him. She smiled walked over towards me and says, "I wonder if my boyfriend is alright."

"He is Scarlett," I finally remembered her name after she said that.