Life has taken a shortcut to the end
Purposefully it has of course
But I have chosen this for myself
You do not need to stay by me and care
It's the end
I know it now
I can't help it
Neither can you
It's useless
You're making it harder for yourself
My advice is to not watch me
Don't watch me put the gun to my head
Don't watch me put the knife to my wrist
Don't watch me hold the blade to my chest
Before you see anything that will hurt you
I only want the best
You should only have the best
You don't deserve this
But I can't hold on to this lie any longer
The lie called life
Just go on without me
You'll be able to do it
I'm not that important
You should have realized that
Control your tears
No one will like it when I'm gone
Here's to us
Here's to the end
Anchors aweigh
Bottoms up
Whatever way you want to put it
The main point is that I'm leaving
I'm sorry
You are loved
Always shall be