Earth was once a safe place to live. Families lived together in harmony and peace. Children feel asleep with a smile on their lips, never fretting about the morrow's dawn.

But things changed. An evil swept over the planet, and the humans no longer trusted one another. They locked their doors at night; they barred their windows shut. But that wasn't all. There was more. People were overwhelmed by the evil. They turned to the Shadow, losing all hope and falling into a circle of despair.

Humanity was sure to be lost.

But, there were three sisters who refused to fall into the lies of the Shadow. They joined together, swearing to never forsake hope of the human race. They would never stand by and watch the Shadow consume their once peaceful life.

They fought back. They learned to master the forces of light which would destroy the Shadow. Over time, their power became so great, the Shadow and its followers had no power over them. Hope returned to the planet Earth and the human race.

One night, the sisters joined hands and gave up their lives as guardians of their world. For one of the sisters foresaw The Three. The Three would protect Earth and other planets unseen to the human world. For the Shadow's evil would spread to the human's hearts once again.

The sisters knew The Three, strong as they'd be, wouldn't be able to stop the Shadow from growing stronger and destroying the human race. So, they joined hands in a circle and left their mortal bodies behind. Their spirits rose into the air and changed into forms seen but recognized as nothing important. The oldest sister's spirit darkened and disappeared, only to be seen before someone died. The younger sister's spirit illuminated into a blinding white light and covered the light of the moon, becoming a second moon invisible to the humans. The youngest sister's spirit seeped into the ground and blossomed with every flower and birth of nature.

Invisible to the shadow, they survived and watched Earth for many, many centuries. Until one day . . .

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*hint: past three works precedes this story*