Chapter Three

Manasatae closed her bedroom door and sprawled across her bed. She let the tears fall freely now that Shade wasn't around to torment her further. She still couldn't believe that he had ripped apart her beloved poem that she had worked so hard and long on.

She glanced at her computer a few seconds before rising from her bed and sitting at the computer desk. She grabbed the mouse and quickly opened her writing program. She right clicked on her file and selected that untitled poem. She reread it again and remembered the inspiration behind the words. Before she could have a second thought, she opened a new file and started to write:

The light shines on you

Its brightness envelops your heart

You are safe tonight, my child

Embrace the full moon

Manasatae quit typing and gazed at her poem that seemed to have written itself. Once again, the poem was from the dreams haunting her mind.

She saved the file, once again keeping it untitled as the one before. She exited the writing program and shut down the computer. She went to her bed once again, laid down, and closed her eyes. Before she was aware, she drifted off to sleep and dreamt once again of the sister over Death.

When she awoke two hours later, she saw Shade at her window. Cursing under her breath, she got up and opened the window.

"What do you want now?" she growled.

"Come outside. I need to show you something," he whispered urgently.

"I'm not interest—" she began.

"Shh! Come on!" he repeated. "You have got to know this."

"Just tell me then."

"Manasatae! Come on! There isn't much time!"

"For what?"

"Shh! Come on already!"

Manasatae rolled her eyes and quietly climbed out of her window and closed it, making sure it remained unlocked.

"What time is it?" she asked.

"Nearly eight. Why?"


She followed him in silence, her thoughts on what could be so urgent and confidential to be told away from the public.

When they had reached a secluded part of the city, Shade turned to her. "Listen, there's something you need to know about me."

"Oh, come off it!" Manasatae said, rolling her eyes. "I told you awhile ago I can't trust you!"

"Why not?"

"I don't know. I just . . . can't."

"That's beside the point – listen!"

"I am."

"Look, what I'm about to show you can't be repeated to anyone else. It's too hazardous for this to be brought back into this world's reality."

"Who did you murder, Shade?"

"What?! I didn't murder anyone! Look, I'm not who I appear to be. I'm . . . different. I can't die. I'm immortal."

"Shade, enough. I can't believe you drug me out of my house to tell me more bullshit. I don't have time for this."

"Manasatae! Wait! Don't you want to know why you dream about the three sisters? Don't you want to know where your poetry comes from?"

"They come from my imagination and the poetry is my training in creativity."

"You know that's not it. If it was, they'd be like all the rest you've written. They wouldn't be so different as to have been written by themselves, or so it seems."


"Listen to me! There isn't much time left. You need to know the truth. You aren't just some ordinary girl with writing abilities. You are so much more."

"Is this the part where you profess your undying love for me? If so, I'm not interested."

"MANASATAE!! You don't get it, do you! You were chosen by Morella, Siope, and Luna many centuries ago! You're supposed to reunite The Six together again!"

"Luna, Siope, and Morella, 'eh? Shade, I don't have time—" She stopped speaking as she saw brilliant light illumination from Shade's frame.

"I am one of The Six," he said firmly. "I am a Life Immortal, created under the light of Luna herself. I bare myself to you now, young human mortal called Manasatae. I bring to your realization your true purpose – your destiny."

The light enveloping Shade intensified to the point where she looked away. When the light dimmed, she turned her gaze back and couldn't believe what she beheld. Shade was . . . glorious! His skin was deeply tanned, his muscles rippling under a white t-shirt, white pants, and a white robe. His hair was also white and his eyes a dazzling violet. The biggest change: his ears were atop his head and catlike. He had a long tail whiter than snow as well and two fangs from his canines.

She opened her mouth to speak, but found herself completely speechless.

Don't fear, tickled across her mind. It was Shade's voice although he hadn't uttered a word. Don't fear me. I shall not harm you. I have come to train you and help you master your powers within. Don't fear me, my young moon maiden.

"M-m-moon m-maiden?" she stammered out. "I-I don't know w-what y-y-you're t-talking about."

"Of course not," he said simply. "There are many things you don't know about. That is why it's time to show you."

"B-but why now?"

Shade gazed out to the fading sunset. "I wasn't supposed to interfere with Time. But, there is no time left. The Shadow grows strong and The Six aren't reunited. Hope can not hold on much longer without her guardians."

"I don't understand. The Shadow was defeated."

"Ah, you believe your dreams now. Good! You're catching on much quicker than I anticipated. Yes, the Shadow was defeated by Siope, Luna, and Morella, but not destroyed. That is why they created The Three. But, even with them the Shadow couldn't be defeated. Many goddesses were created by it . . . one especially strong one known only as Cacique. Anyway, three more were created by the sisters, forming The Six." He loving looked into her eyes deeply.. His eyes held pain as he said, "But we were separated when Keseiko ran away with Cacique, whom she had befriended. Then, we all left, one by one. And time is running short."

"But . . ."

"But why you? Who knows. Perhaps it was because you resemble Siope so much. Perhaps it's because you're so much like Keseiko was. Perhaps it's just Fate--."

"Or perhaps you've got the wrong girl."

Shade grinned. "No, I don't have the wrong girl. You're the only one who's been dreaming."

"They're only dreams!"

"No, not quite, dear Manasatae. In your world they're nothing more than a dream. But, in reality, it's a whole other world. You entered my homeland when you were 'dreaming' . . . you were first created there by Morella long, long ago."

Manasatae rolled the thoughts over and over in her mind. She couldn't explain Shade's transformation. She couldn't explain her poetry or her dreams. Maybe he was telling the truth. But, being "created"? Nuh uh. She couldn't believe it.

"I can't believe--."

"That Morella created you, I know. But, you'll come to understand. In time you'll believe and grasp your destiny. For now, you need to deal with your new findings. Go back to bed and dream. Continue your creative writing and poetic aspirations. You will see. And I will be there when that moment comes." With those final words, he cupped his hands together and formed a sphere of white light.

"Here, take this," he said.

"What is it?" she asked, gingerly holding the glowing sphere of light.

"It's your wakeup call."


Before she could do anything, the sphere grew and swallowed her with the brilliant white light. When the light left, she found herself in her room and in her bed with the covers damp with sweat and rolled tightly in her fists.

"A dream?" she whispered to herself reassuringly. "A dream. It was nothing more than a dream." She laid down on her pillows and calmed her breathing patterns. Within moments, she felt more relaxed and at ease.

She arose from the wet sheets and continued to her computer. The screen was on and the writing program was up. What stopped her heart as the words typed in bold print:

Let the darkness calm your fears

You're safe in her arms

Beware the one who shows you lies

Flee from the one of the light

With trembling hands, she parted her lips and whispered, "Shade."

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