Making possible so many peoples' dreams
Can make you forget you have dreams of your own.
You just kind of
Live their lives along with them.
But it's not like you really
Cleaning up the little bits of popcorn,
And the straws that sucked up gulps of Dr. Pepper,
I can see how all these people waste their lives,
Making other peoples' dreams come true.

It looks so nice up there.
Up there on that big, pretty screen.
And there's color like you don't ever see
And people like you don't ever meet,
But they make it look so real sometimes.

And every night, when we're cleaning up,
And everyone else has gone,
I pray for them.
For those people who come and waste their lives,
I pray for them.
And the people whose crazy dreams come true,
I pray for them.
And I pray that they never give up,
But keep coming here every night,
Because somebody has to
Make these peoples' dreams come true.