The chairs were black, cold and hard, the room was crowded and there was little colour on the walls. There were people waiting in the small waiting room, waiting like drones for their number to be called. I was one of those people. But my thoughts were distracted from the cold harshness of the room; they were drawn to the large brown envelope, which rested, between my legs. My name sprawled across the front of it in large black, bold letters. This envelope held my future in it, it held the biggest change that I have ever experienced in my life, and I was not sure if I was ready for such a big change.

Wanting to break away from the envelope I raised my head as I heard a small wet sniffle from a little girl across from me. I looked at her and felt as sense of pity wash over me. The little girl was in obvious pain and discomfort. Just from watching her you could tell that she was trying to sleep away her discomfort but anyone could tell from the small whimpers that were coming from her small frame that she was not succeeding at sleeping. The little girls' family was surrounding her, all of them glancing over to the small frame bundled up in the wheelchair as they talked about what happened. A few of the other children were also crying as they talked to the adults surrounding them. They're crying making their words slurred and incomprehensible.

I tore my gaze away from the family across from me, not wanting to listen in on their conversation any more, so as not to be rude. When finally my number was called. I got up slowly dragging the big envelope behind me, hopping that someone would come by and steal it from me, taking it from my grasp. But that never happened, the envelope stayed with me, until the nurse in the registration office took it from me.

The registration office was no more comforting then the waiting room, it had no colour on the walls just white bricks. The nurse tried to be as comforting as possible, her breath smelt of coffee and her hair was slightly out of place and in her eyes. The nurse was obviously overwhelmed with the amount of people in the waiting room but still tried to be as pleasant as she could as she took my vitals and registered me, but no amount of comforting could make me smile. I think the nurse realized that and stopped trying to make conversation with me. She told me to go back and wait in the small waiting room for a doctor to call me down. I told her thank you and left the small room, and went back to the bigger but crowded room.

My original chair had been taken but that didn't bother me the chair was hard and cold anyway, there were new chairs open at the back of the room, which looked much more comfortable. They were green and cushioned. There were only two chairs available so my mother and I took the chairs, my dad said he needed a coffee and left the room. I waited again with the big envelope between my legs, my stomach making small sounds of anger because of the lack of food that I had eaten. But I ignored its small growls knowing that if I were to eat anything it would make its way back up.

My dad returned with his coffee and had brought back both my mom and I a drink. I was thankful that he had brought me something to drink because I was thirsty, but I only took a few sips of the cold drink before I threw it out. My nerves were to high to even hold the can of Coke let alone drink it. So I sat waiting, but this time my attention was dragged to the television that was mounted to the wall on the other side of the room. With my new chair I could see that television easily but could not hear it over all the talking in the room. It did not matter, my thoughts were always drawn away from the television and out to new people entering the room. There were many different people who entered the room, some with problems more intense then mine. One young girl was brought in because she was found sniffing a small butane lighter. She was crying quietly, her facial expressions showed that she was extremely scared. She kept looking and calling for her mom, but her mom was no where in sight. Hot tears were streaming down the girls face who was maybe a year or two younger then me, and just the sight of those tears was almost enough to make me cry.

I bit my lip holding back the tears that the girls was inflicting on me, not wanting to ever experience what it was like to be scared and not have a comforting presence such as my mom by my side. I suddenly felt the warm touch of my mothers' hand on my knee, I looked down at her hand as I just noticed that my knees were shaking slightly. I looked up to her and she smiled at me, I smiled back. She took the envelope from between my legs and held on to it for me. In away knowing that I didn't want to hold onto the envelope. I smiled at her again grateful that she took the thing away from me.
Finally my name was called by a loud voice at the doorway of the waiting room, a tall slender man was standing there, I got up and followed him out the door, and into emergency room number four.