Cause and effect Moving to a new school

Penny Williams was not an average teenage girl. Her hair was long and straggly and always hung in her face, she wore glasses that were too big for her face, and her figure, well she had no figure. Penny realized and over the short years that made up her teenage life she learned to except her slight imperfections. Unfortunately she was the only one who ever learned to except her imperfections, her classmates had not reached that stage of acceptance, and they made sure they let Penny know about it.

Penny had grown up in a small town, she had never had many friends but as she grew up, and her imperfections began to show through more and more, her group of friends became less and less. They moved on to bigger and better things. As soon as Penny got to high school her friend span was at a low two, and she was the butt end of many of the jokes from the other girls in the school.

Penny would go home and cry herself to sleep every night as the cruel jokes from her classmates replayed in her head. Penny would also find her cheeks wet when she awoke in the morning, as the terrible jokes plagued her dreams as well.

Penny's friends tried to help her, and defend her but there was nothing they could do, the group of girls that were wrecking havoc on Penny were too big of a group for them to handle. So they could do nothing but be there and let Penny cry her sorrow away on their shoulders.

It wasn't until one of Penny's dear friends Mary suggested something that could change Penny's life forever that Penny began to feel hope in her desperate situation. Mary suggested that Penny switch schools, and that she would switch schools with Penny so they would not be separated.

Penny at first rejected the thought of switching schools, afraid that a new school would just be harder to deal with, and the treatment would be no different anyway. So Penny continued to go to her school and continued to receive the harassment from the group of girls. It wasn't until Penny was completely and totally humiliated one day that she decided to that switching schools would be better then having to stay in the school she was in now.

So Penny and Mary switched schools. They didn't go out of town, or have to move homes, they just switched to a school that was a little farther away then their original school, but it was still close enough that there was busing provided.

Penny and Mary walked into the new school in January ready to start a new semester, hoping to find a better environment then the previous one. Penny was shaking, her knees giving out from fear and anxiety, but Mary played it cool, she held her head up high and always looked down to Penny always giving Penny an encouraging smile.

This little bit of affection that Mary showed towards Penny was enough to raise Penny's spirits and confidence and soon Penny was walking around the new school with her head up high, without her knees shaking, and Penny spoke with a sense of confidence that was notable by anyone who walked by her.

It was this new sense of confidence that allowed the real Penny to be recognized. Not the Penny with the imperfections visible to the naked eye. But the Penny on the inside who shone with perfection's in her personality and kindliness towards others. It was because of her confidence that all of her inner beauties shone through and it was because of these inner beauties that Penny became one of the girls that was accepted in the school and her group of friends expanded from a mere one to a large crowd. It was this confidence which made her truly happy, and this confidence that would have stayed hidden if she had not moved to a new school.