FRIGHT NIGHT by Tan Wenxian

FRIGHT NIGHT by Chihuahua

On a cold dark night

When there is all but light

Rise from their beds of dirt

Hungry for sweet tasty blood

The creatures of the night

Which are truly a sight

Vampires! Vampires!

With fangs like razors

And eyes like gleaming coal

Strike fear into the very soul

For sucking blood they do

Seducing you is a joy too

It's a party all night long

With the banshees singing their song

Beyond the tombstones I see Dracula

With a reed skirt doing the hula

Further down I see scary ghouls

going to school

For the moon is full

It's time to be cool!

Inside their tombs, the mummies howl for their mummies

Scared little imps scream for their grannies

It's a fiasco out here

It's anything but mere

For the night is young

And from their graves they have sprung

All to have fun

Till the morning sun

As a drunkard flees

They scream in devilish glee

For there goes Scooby Doo

As the ghosts shout BOO!

Skeletons strum their bony ribs

Waking Frankenstein from his deep sleep

Werewolves feeding on steaks

Eyeballs skewered on stakes

Is the specialty of the night

Oh what a gory sight!

Cauldrons of soup

That looks like goop

Not a single muffin

Sits on the coffin

The first rays of light are appearing

All the vamps are leaving

Witches fly away on their brooms

Imps return to their rooms

Werewolves return to their homes

Since this is the end of the poem

I'll say thank you

And assure you that all this is true

For I was there with Dracula

Who was doing the hula