I'm sick of pretending,
Of smiling,
Of saying I'm ok.
I'm broken inside,
Shattered on the out,
I'm giving up,
As I see you leave,
As I see my friends,
Make the same mistakes I did.
I know I must let you learn,
I know I have to sit back,
And watch you slowly fall apart,
Within my reach,
Within hearing my words,
Within my life I watch you,
You know I'm there,
Yet you don't turn around,
You don't ask,
I may not be anything special,
Although my words fill with feeling,
I may not be beautiful,
I may not curve the right ways,
But I'm still human,
I still care,
And I still watch as you fall,
With no one to catch you,
You don't want to be caught.
You want to feel the air,
Now you want to feel the end of it,
The pain of it,
You want erased,
Did I not warn you?
Next time you may heed my voice.
Next time I may get to look away,
Next time I may not have to watch,
As you fall to the death,
You created.

By Siobhan
Date: 6/October/2004